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 BM Profile


X's are the standard features with an Admirer or BigMuscle profile.
 - These are the extra features you get with your profile when you become a supporting member.
$ - These are pay as you use features.

View profile and E-Mail addresses of other BigMuscle members




Add Events to the Calendar of Events page




Create a profile and update it as you like




Add 3 photos per day. Up to 18 photos per profile.




Add up to 27 photos per day. Limit of 27 photos per profile.




Appear as a Modified Profile once a day when you make changes to your profile.




You can appear as a Modified Profile every 60 minutes when you make changes to your profile.




Send up to 10 outstanding short messages




Send unlimited short messages




Post your personal travel schedule using the AWAY feature




See who viewed your profile up to 1 month in the past.




Review profiles you looked up to 1 month in the past.




Personalize your photos with Captions




See my I LIKE list with photos




See my THEY LIKE list with photos




See which profiles are on your own I LIKE list when viewing the standard profile lists




See which profile like you when viewing the standard profile lists.




Using the SEARCH function, you can search profiles that are on your I LIKE list




Hide your personal E-Mail address from other members and site visitors




View history of short messages between you and another profile.




Report a fake profile with a click of a button




Keep a little black book by adding Private notes to a profile, by using the Private Parts feature. Only you can see your notes!




Change your profile name without losing your I LIKE list or stats




Get your profile Verified, so others know you are the real deal!




Feature your profile on the front page for a day. Celebrate that hard work from the gym or that milestone in your life.




Add PALS on your profile page




BigMuscle Mobile: Use Mobile SMS / Notification features








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