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For Technical questions, how to, web site problems.

For Billing, Credit card, or checks questions

  • Email
  • Telephone 10 am - 3 pm (Pacific Time) / Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) 415-868-4199. Please leave name, area code and telephone number and best time to return your call.

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Security on Purchases / Donations / Points:

Our credit card processing company uses SSL technology, secure high encryption credit card processing servers to process credit card transactions. You credit card account number is never stored on our servers. Only our credit card processing vendors has access to your information on their company computer systems.

YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE BILLED AS 'AB Software LLC'. When making a purchase of points or making a donation.



All products, services and donations made are final. So please choose carefully when making selections. No refunds or returns are given. No refunds or returns also includes customers/users of our websites that fail to adhere to our 'terms of usage' policies.

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