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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • Clear your browser cache

  • Mac OSX Lion update with Flash

  • My profile has become inactive

  • My Camera stopped working in the chat room on my MAC

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notices

  • Manage your Bulletin Board Feature

  • MAC OSx - Video Chat 101

  • What do I do if I receive an offensive Short Message?

  • Somebody sent me a note saying they saw that I looked at their profile. How did they do that or how do they know?

  • When does a new day start?

  • How do I get my profile to the top of the Profile list

  • I can't login

  • What to do if I have a broken image in my profile

  • How do I take my Profile off for a short period of time

  • How do I delete my profile off the system for good.

  • You never answer my emails.

  • How do I SEE the E-Mail address on a PROFILE

  • How do I add profiles to my I LIKE list?

  • I received mail from the site or mail with a funny attachment.

  • I forgot my User Name and or Password can you help me?

  • Andy/Bill, thanks for the web site, do you have a profile on the site?

  • How do I find all the profiles that live in _____ ?

  • How can I change my User Name?

  • How do I contact a Member with a Private email address?

  • My Email Changed and I cannont get my password?

  • How to Create a Profile?

  • How can I change my E-Mail address?

  • I haven't been to the site in a week, how do I find the NEW members?


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