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Membership and Features:

There are three types of membership to BigMuscleBears. With each level of membership, you have access to a unique set of features.

Free members: BigMuscleBears. is a free site to fit males ages 21 and older who would like to create a profile and post photos. Every free member has access to the following features:

  • Create a profile and update it as often as you like
  • View profile and e-mail addresses of other BigMuscleBears. members
  • Add Events to the Calendar on the Events page
  • Upload 3 new photos per day. (Limit of 9 photos per profile)
  • Appear as a modified profile once a day
  • Send 10 short messages at a time to other BigMuscleBears. members. Additional messages can be sent as the unread messages convert to viewed messages.

Supporting Members: Any BigMuscleBears. member who donates to the site is a supporting member, and is distinguished by a next to their screen name. Supporting Members have access to a rich feature set, which includes all of the "Free Member" features plus the following extras:

  • Hide your personal email address from other BigMuscleBears. members
  • Send unlimited short messages to BigMuscleBears. members
  • Keep a "little black book" by adding Private Notes to a profile. Only you can see your notes!
  • Change your user name on the fly
  • Appear as a modified profile every 60 minutes
  • Upload up to 27 new photos per day. Limit of 27 photos per profile.
  • Show your personal travel calendar on your profile, using the AWAY feature
  • See who has viewed your profile Yesterday and Today
  • Review which profiles you looked at for the past 14 days
  • Personalize your photos with captions
  • View your I LIKE list with photos
  • View photos of people who like you. 'THEY LIKE'
  • See who is on your I LIKE list when viewing the profile list
  • See who likes you when viewing the profile list
  • Search people on your "I LIKE" lists
  • View history of short messages between you and another member
  • Use mobile SMS / Notification functions (also requires a fee per message)

Admirer members: You want to be part of the BigMuscleBears. community, but you don't want to post a public profile? If you want to view BigMuscleBears. profiles, email addresses, maintain an I LIKE list and Private Parts list without creating a public profile, you may do so by opening an Admirer account. For $24 per year, Admirers have access to the features noted in the Admirer column below

HOT FEATURES: Available to ALL Members!

Due to demand for items like profile verification, BigMuscleBears. also offers additional features and services. These services can be purchased by all BigMuscleBears. Members using the BigMuscleBears. POINTS system. BigMuscleBears. points can be purchased for $1 US dollar per point. The HOT FEATURES that require points are:

Front Page Profile: Each day, 7 profiles can be featured on the front page of the site. If you want to be a featured profile, it will cost 25 POINTS. Once you have funded your account with 25 points. Click to select a day to be featured.

I'm the Real Deal! Certify My Profile : With FAKE profiles being created every day you don't know is he real or isn't he? You can now get your profile certified as you! For the cost of 20 POINTS, you can get your profile Flagged with a CERTIFIED stamp to let others know it's really you. Click on "I'm the REAL DEAL" to get started.

My Community� MY PALS: He's more than an acquaintance, and he deserves more than an I LIKE. Want to highlight someone special? Add them to your PALS list.

BigMuscleBears Mobile SMS: Even if you're away from your computer, you can still stay connected to the BigMuscleBears. community. Mobile SMS allows you to stay connected to BigMuscleBears. via your mobile phone. With Mobile SMS, you can see the status of your inbox and read your messages on your mobile phone. You can also send messages to another BigMuscleBears. member's mobile phone if he is using the Mobile SMS feature.

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