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Whats New 2007
  • Dec 17

    Added an OPTION to only allow other members to view your IM names. To help keep people from just adding you. You will find it on the MY BIGMUSCLE page click on Edit Options under the standard functions heading. (thanks Frank for the suggestion)

  • Dec 15

    Added a DISTANCE FROM for US zip code searching. Long overdue.

  • Nov 12

    Added a stat on the photos stats page to show the average views per day
    added a VIEW count on the I VIEWED THEM and THEY VIEWED ME list for you supporting members.

  • Aug 30

    Changed the Send Short Message page to allow you to send up to 2 messages to the same profile at a time. You will not see the PENDING MSG until you reach 2 messages. You can always use the UNREAD SHORT MSG link from the My BigMuscle page to check if somebody read your message.

  • Aug 29

    Cleaned up the AWAY feature to not clear the fields if you make a mistake.

  • Aug 28

    Return unread shortmsg's after 15 days instead of 45. If they don't answer in 2 weeks most likely they don't check that often.

  • Aug 28

    Added TO & FROM message on the bottom of the Send Short Msg page. So you can see what you were talking about.

  • Aug 22

    Coded around the IE 7 bug where is doesn't like a dash in the page name in Javascript. So the ON-Line (oh I man ONLINE) status page will work again for those that are still using IE.

  • Aug 10

    Added Online Status, You can now view who's on line in a small popup window. You will find the page on the MY BIGMUSCLE under the Extra Features heading called ON-Line Status

  • Jul 25

    You can save your searches now. Supporting members can save up to 6 searches, that includes Admirer accounts. All other members can save 1.
    - We also replaced our database write server with new hardward to give us more processing power.

  • Jul 19

    Added new In Print, 100% Beef Interview

  • Jul 15

    Added new In Print thank you letter from BearWatch

  • Jun 27

    Added in new fields on the profile page. Gym, Areacodes, and relationship
    Added new searches, by range, added search by activity, areacode, gym, and has video.

  • Jun 27

    Added a REPLIED flag on the short message system. Going forward when you click reply and send a message to the person, we will flag your READ SHORT MSG page with an icon so you know it was replied to. Also increased the read short msg page from 5 to 10 messages at a time.

  • May 29

    Google Maps is back on-line.

  • May 21

    Added VideoRecorder to your profile. You will find the link on the MY BIGMUSCLE page -> Add/Del Video. Now you can add a 60 second video recording to your profile for all to see. Same rules apply as still photos, so no touching your dick, not copyrighted music in the background.

  • Apr 23

    Added a new server to site to help with the speed,
    Changed a cache parm to help with server requests.

  • Apr 10

    Updated "Terms of Use".

  • Apr 05

    Added in the ACTIVITIES ICONS to the site, you can select them from the EDIT PROFILE page.

  • Apr 04

    We did our big database upgrade, so changes to the site should be quicker, Also added in a few new features along with merging the My BigMuscle page the the FEATURES page.

  • Mar 09

    We upgraded the chat to now included Video Chat and IM. You can find the link on My BigMuscle page call Video Chat. You do need to be logged into your profile to access chat room.

  • Jan 01

    Happy New Year from Bill and Andy.


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