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Whats New 2008
  • Oct 30

    Had to change out Userplane Video recorder with Flashcoms video recorder. The Userplane videos will go away at the end of November, so you are encouraged to record new videos, unfortunately Userplane didn't have a way to migrate the FLASH files to our new server.
    You will find the video recorder link on the ADD/DEL video page on the My BigMuscle page.

  • Oct 17

    Added the BACK TO LIST button on the send short message page so after sending a message you can go all the way back to the list you came from.

  • Oct 15

    Update the front page with the ONLINE profiles. Now if you are a supporting member and view the front page, All mouse over profiles will show the large photos. If you are non supporting member then only the supporting members profiles photos will show as large. Another reason to support.

  • Sep 30

    Updated 21 Page and Terms of Service Page.

  • Sep 09

    Modified the ON-LINE Status page to allow you to IM other members, who also have that page opened.

  • Apr 24

    Added a new OPTION to set how many blog entries to show on your profile. Click on My BigMuscle -> Edit Options

  • Apr 15

    Updated our new postal mail address on Contact Page

  • Mar 30

    Added a new search for supporting members, You can search for profiles that DO or DO NOT click I LIKE on your profile.

  • Feb 03

    Added a feature to allow you to add YouTube videos onto your profile. You will find the page on the Add/Del Videos from the My BIgMuscle page, then click External Videos link.

  • Jan 26

    Update the THEY VIEWED ME, I VIEWED THEM, THEY LIKE ME, I LIKE THEM and Private Parts list. You will find those lists on the Support Features section of the MY BIGMUSCLE page.

  • Jan 02

    We have updated our Terms of Use


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