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Whats New 2009
  • Dec 10

    Fixed a bug in the Profile Color page. The RESET COLORS link didn't work, I've made it a button and its working again.

  • Nov 16

    Just added a new feature, when viewing a profiles photos, where the list of images are on the left and the big photo is on the right. You can now click on the large image to display the next image from their profile.

  • Nov 14

    Made a change to the front page and seems that it didn't work on IE in compatibility view mode.  I just rolled out a fix for this.

    Now on the front page when you view you will see an  box around our supporting members (Thanks guys) and no box around all others.  Profiles with the  box will show full size when hovered with your mouse if you are a visitor or a standard member.  Supporting members always see all the profiles full size when hovered over.

  • Oct 02

    Cleaned up a whole bunch of performance issues. Many little ones. Speed of the page loads should be zippy again.

  • Sep 18

    Fixed up our photo servers to increase the speed a bit, along with the front page

  • Sep 11

    Increased the number of YouTube videos a supporting member can add from 6 to 9

    Added an option to enlarge the video display for IE, all other browser just click the video to do it. IE click the View Larger link next to the video.

  • Sep 04

    Fixed a small performance issue on the Front page and Profile pages. You should see the pages come up a little quicker.

  • Aug 25

    New Feature!

    Added an option to send a short message to anybody that comments on a profile or bulletin board entry. If somebody addes a comment to one of your bulletin board entries, you and anybody else that has commented will get a Short Message sent to them saying a new comment was added.

    NOTE: This feature is turned OFF by default.  You must go to your EDIT OPTIONS from the My BigMuscle page and turn it on if you want the short messages sent to you.

  • Aug 03

    updated sites Terms of Use

  • Jul 21

    Fixed a bug on the Bulletin Board code, where if you have a Mattress photo and you updated its caption. The mattress photo would show up on your bulletin board on the front page and your profile page.  This will no longer happen, if its a mattress photo, it will just show up as a ** Private Photo Caption **

  • Jul 02

    Fix a 3.0 iPhone login bug. With the new iPhone OS the mobile application would not allow you to log in. It has been fixed.

  • Jun 26

    Changed the photo navigation page. It will now use your photo order to order the two column small images on the left side of the page.

  • Jun 04

    We have added a BULLETIN BOARD to your profile. 

    The Bulletin Board features will list the last few things you have done on the site. Things like Who gave you and I LIKE or who you gave an I LIKE to, when you edit your profile, add new photos or videos and joined an event you are going to. The other members can comment on the items or you can comment on them yourself.  

    If you want to totally disable the BB feature, go to the EDIT OPTIONS page from the My BigMuscle page and set the "display the Bulletin Board feature on your profile page" option to NO.

    If you only want some of them to show up, you can pick and choose which ones you want to be displayed if you do not disable the BB feature as state above.

    Comments are defaulted to be displayed when they are entered in,  If you want the option to approve what is displayed then set the "approve comments before display" to YES. 

    If you have questions you can contact us via the CONTACT page, using e-mail or the FEEDBACK form entry that is set to us.



  • May 18

    Updated the Whats New Page to be database driven, and to format the page for easier reading. 

  • Apr 06

    Moved to the new Add Photo program, where you can rotate your images before saving them. You can find the old ADD PHOTO here.

  • Jan 02

    We have updated our Terms of Use


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