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Whats New 2010
  • Dec 22

    Fixed a bug in the Pop Over image for supporting members,  Seems if you were a supporting member and moved to the second page, the pop over images would only show the small images telling you supporting members see the full size.  This was a bug and has been fixed.

  • Dec 11

    Update the Popup over images to make it more consistant thoughout the site.  Also changed the colors to something less stark.

  • Dec 10

    Fixed the bug in the profile save, when changing your location or travel location and then clicking save, sometimes it would not save the change you typed it.  The page will now validate that and make the change before saving the update to your profile.

  • Dec 08

    Updated Dear Robbie Page

  • Nov 17

    Updated Dear Robbie Page

  • Oct 30

  • Oct 15

    Updated Dear Robbie Page

  • Oct 11

    Photos from the BigMuscle Charity Event held on September 25, 2010. In San Francisco at the DNA Lounge. The event raised $9,644 for the Aids Emergency fund of San Francisco. We thank Photographer Joe Pessa for sharing his photos with us.


  • Oct 05

    We have arranged with 100% Beef to share some of their articles on BMB. Enjoy

  • Oct 04

    Updated Dear Robbie Page

  • Sep 29

    Updated the following on Search and the profile

    • You can now search both HOME and TRAVEL locations. Or either one.
    • Added the Travel location to the top of the profile name, next to the home location
    • Fixed the JUMP TO ROW on the search page.  If you change the sort order it would get lost when you used the jump to row feature. Now it will remember it and keep it even if jump to a different row
  • Sep 29

    Video Chat was down this early this morning.  You would have hung  on initization screen.  I have just fixed it.

    Video chat is working now

  • Sep 28

    Andy and Bill would like to thank everyone that was able to attend our BigMuscle Folsom Charity Event in San Francisco this past Saturday 9/25/2010. You help raise money for a very good cause.

    The event ticket sales raised $9,644 for the Aids Emergency Fund of San Francisco. This makes the event 7 year total to $51,084.

    We also wish to thank the DNA Lounge for offering the event space to us for a very small fee.

    Also Dj Shane Stiel add.. "To all the BigMuscle men that attended the BigMuscle Meet and Greet at Folsom Street Fair this year. I want to send my sincere thanks to all of you for coming out and enjoying yourselves for a great charity. Thank you all for the kind words throughout the weekend and I hope you enjoyed the music as much as I enjoyed providing it to you. I look forward to seeing you all sometime in the future"...

    Again thanks....

  • Sep 22

    We have arranged with 100% Beef to share some of their articles on BMB. Enjoy

  • Sep 15
    Folsom Weekend Update:

    Friday - Sept 24, 2010

    440 Castro Happy Hour with BigMuscle/BigMuscleBears

    Friday - Sept 24, 2010

    4pm - 7pm

    Giving away some BigMuscle T-Shirt (while they last) and a Ipod Nano drawn from the 2-for-1 tookens.

    Saturday - Sept 25, 2010


    At the DNA Lounge

    375 Eleventh Street, San Francisco

    BigMuscle - BigMuscleBears - BigMuscleLeather and Tenper.com:

    7th Annual Folsom Charity Event

    Saturday - September 25, 2010

    1pm -6pm

    DJ: Shane Stiel providing background sound

    $10 Suggested / 21+ Photo ID Req.

    100% of all ticket sales benefit "Aids Emergency Fund San Francisco"

    Sunday - Sept 26, 2010


    Sponsored by BigMuscleBears.com

    After Shock

    715 Harrison St. San Francisco

    Sunday - September 26, 2010

    4am - 8am

    Official After Hours Party of Folsom Street Fair. Immediately following Magnitude

    Summer is Ending...

    The 2009-2010 Big Muscle Tour feat DJ Bill Bennett is done. But you can capture the sounds by grabbing the albums before they are gone.

    Support this website by grabbing " Big Muscle of the Rhythm " and " Big Muscle Remixed " featuring the club hits Breakaway, Fame, Forever Young, Big Muscle and Sexual High. Download versions available on iTunes and CDs available on Centaur Records at the following North American stores:

    The Funny Bone Portland OR
    Borderline Chicago IL
    Boy Next Door Atlanta GA
    Brush strokes Atlanta GA
    Gaymart Palm Springs CA Graffitti'sKey West FL
    J & R Music World New York NY
    Just 4 Us Detroit MI
    Melody Records Washington DC
    Obelisk The Book store San Diego CA
    Outwrite Bookstore Atlanta GA
    Perfect Beat Los Angeles CA
    Pride Factory Ft Lauderdale FL
    Rainbow Road Minneapolis MN
    Rainbow's & Triangles New York NY
    Tapelenders Video DallasTX
    Torso Columbus OH
    Best Buy ( Select Stores )

  • Sep 12

    Win Two Real Bad XXII Tickets from Tenper.com

    We will be giving away two tickets for Real BAD XXII Dance held in San Francisco on Folsom evening, Sunday 26, 2010. These tickets are provided by Bill n Andy with Tenper.com.

    To Win the 2 tickets:

    We will be drawing one person's profile* at random from all active profiles on Tenper.com website. Drawing will be done on Saturday September 18, 2010 at 11am PST.

    *You must have created and log into your profile on Tenper.com.
    *You must have one photo of you uploaded on your Tenper.com profile.
    *Any profile that is inactive, deleted, not complete or violates Tenper.com terms of use will be disqualified.

    Rules of Contest:

    1. Tickets cannot be exchanged for cash value or any other item.
    2. Your must arrange to pickup tickets in-person on Saturday before 6pm, Sept. 25, 2010 in San Francisco.
    3. Real Bad XXII is a 21+ event and proper photo ID required.
    4. Prize is 2 tickets only and any other cost/taxes associated with attending event is winners responsibility.
    5. We will e-mail to your Tenper.com listed address and short message you if you win. You must respond back by Wednesday Sept 22, 2010, Noon PST with your working area code and phone number. If you do not provide a working phone contact by above date and time the contest will be void and tickets will go to the Charity of AB Software LLC choice. All decision with drawing and winner by AB Software LLC are final.
  • Sep 12

    Now Follow Us on Facebook too.

    Follow Us:

    Follow Bigmuscle on Twitter Follow BigmuscleBears on FaceBook
  • Aug 31

    Updated Terms of Use

    Updated Donation time to 6 Months

  • Aug 28

    Updated Dear Robbie Page

  • Aug 26

    Update the New Message and New System message indicator.  So the New Sys Msg indicator works just like messages it will only show new system messages, once you go to the Read Short Msg page it will be turned off.

  • Aug 23

    Change in Donation Duration Time.

    As of Sept 1, 2010 your donation will give you 6 months of support features.

    If you donate before Sept 1, 2010 you will get 1 year of support features, any donation made after September 1, 2010 will be good for 6 months.

    We have always been a free site and wish to continue being free. The economy has hit everyone hard. Our web site's donations and our banner ads sales are way, way down. Donations and the Banner ads pay for the cost to rent the servers and admin cost. We need to change the donation time to generate enough in donations to meet the monthly cost of the web site.

    We do not wish to make this change but we have no choice, it was not an easy decision on our part. Without enough donations and banner ads sales to meet the monthly cost there cannot be a web site. After 10+ years this is the first change we have made in our donation request.

    You can click DONATE to become a donating user and you supporting the site you get some extras features.

    Thank you for your support of BigMuscleBears.com.

    -Andy n Bill

  • Aug 16
    Our Donation total for last calendar year (August 2009 - August 2010) collections from our "Support Us with $15" campaign. This campaign is for non-profile holders only. We send $5 of each of the campaign donations to a HIV related charity. This past donation amount $450 went to Broward House's TBRV program that helps pay rent to people with HIV in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.

    Thank you for making this happen. Their acknowledgement letter:

    Broward House Thank You letter
  • Aug 06

    Big update on the EDIT PROIFLE page.  I didn't move much, but tried to pretty it up a bit for the real browsers like FireFox, Safari and Chrome.  IE users you are stuck without rounded borders.

    We have added a new HOME Location and TRAVEL Location fields.  These are your City/State/Country names.  In the HOME LOCATION field you must have at least a country listed. This field can not be left blank.  The Travel location as of today is only being saved on the database and will not show up or be searchable.  This will be added in a week or two.  You must click out of the LOCATION fields for them to be validated and it will correct your spellings and update the entry to the standard format.

    Also moved the METRIC or US format button to the middle of the page because people seemed to miss it on the navigation area.

    As always if you have problems, please let me know and I will work to fix them or provide you with a solution.


  • Aug 03

    Just scheduled to DJ Pool Party August 21, 2010: DJ Roddick

    BigMuscle Blue Moon Resort Party Weekend - Las Vegas, NV

  • Jul 28

    Removed the feature RECORD VOICE, not many were using it so the cost was just too high to keep it running.

  • Jul 23

    Updated Dear Robbie Page

    We also want to congratulate Dear Robbie for his new bi-line in Pulp Magazine too.

  • Jul 22

    If you were at Bear Week in Provincetown Mass this past week and had your profile photo certified, your profile certify check mark will now be on your profile.

    Thanks to everyone that stopped by the Crown and Anchor and BoatSlip Tea Dance to say hello.

    - Bill

  • Jul 05

    Just schedule to appear for the August 21, 2010: Colt Men Gage and Nate
    BigMuscle Blue Moon Resort Party Weekend - Las Vegas, NV

  • Jun 26

    Updated Dear Robbie Page

    We also want to congratulate Dear Robbie for his new bi-line in Pulp Magazine too.

  • Jun 17

    We replaced the Fun Stuff Page with the new Dear Robbie advise column.  Enjoy!

  • Jun 17

    Added the videos directly to your profile.  We removed the button and the popup, now the first second of the video we grab the image and use that to display on your profile.  When clicked its displayed on the profile page in a seamless popup display.

  • May 26

    Added the TO: field on the Send Short Msg to be clickable so you can jump to the profile if you want

  • May 22


    Add Video to your profile.

    Do not forget you can record and add your own videos using your webcam to your profile.  Also link up to 9 YouTube videos in your profile too.


    Under Profile Management select "Add/Del Video".

    Click Here


    (just remember no sex acts can be uploaded in videos..  thanks)

  • May 20

    Follow Events and Special Announcements for BigMuscle.com and BigMuscleBears.com on our Twitter Profile on Twitter


    or click the Twitter Tag Here to go to our Twitter page:

    Follow BigMuscle and BigMuscleBears on Twitter


  • May 11

    BigMuscleBears.com is spending a week in Provincetown Mass. We will be hosting two events for Bear Weekend in July 2010.

    July 10th, 2010 - BMB Sponsor Bear Week Offical Kick off Dance

    Crown & Anchor Bear Dance at Paramount Night Club (Door Cover to Enter)

    Show Who's Going


    July 15, 2010 - BMB Sponsor T-Dance

    BoatSlip (Door Cover to Enter)

    If you are attending the dance stop by the BigMuscleBear table inside by the Pool Deck to certify and entry drawing for door prize.

    Show Who's Going
  • May 07

    BigMuscleBears Meet & Greet IML / Bear Weekend, Chicago IL.

    May 29, 2010 Saturday 1pm -3pm.


    Andy and Bill cannot be there but come out and meet the other guys from the websites.

  • May 07

    Updated the Search Short Messages (supporting members), the Unread Short messages and Sent Short messages page to be more consistant with the rest of the list pages.

  • May 06

    Replace a photo server with two new ones, so photos should be quicker in displaying.

  • Apr 30

    White Party Weekend Photos by Joe Pessa:

    BigMuscle.com Meet and Greet at Hunters

    Ace Hotel Pool Party:

    Thanks Joe for sharing them with us.

  • Apr 24

    Updated the SEND SHORT MSG feature to allow you to send 2 messages in a row to the user. With out having to back page the browser or go back to the profile and click send short msg button again.

  • Apr 20


    Updated Las Vegas Bar Night info for BigMuscleBears Blue Moon weekend.


    Saturday Evening - August 22rd - 9 PM:

    • Bar Night:

    Show Casting Couch for BigMuscle Weekend guys. Porn Stars TBA
    Show sarts at 9:00 PM and it will be no cover for Blue Moon Guests all night (must show room card).

    Piranha Night Club
    4633 Paradise Rd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89169

  • Apr 18

    Update the AWAY Application to return better error messages and updated the list to display cleanly.

  • Mar 23

    We are sorry to say the Chelsea Boys has finished.  We ran all the comics they had.  We like to thank Chelsea Boys for allowing us to have them.

    We will be looking for a replacement for gay related comics.



  • Mar 09

    We have SMS text messges working again using a new company.  You do not need to change anything on your profile if you use the SMS feature.

    Our old SMS vendor had some problem and could not send text messages to any USA basd phones for the past 5 days.  We could not wait any longer and have sign up with a new SMS vendor and text message are working.

    thanks to Andy.....

  • Mar 03


    SMS text message to your Phone no working currently

    Our SMS provider that we use to send text message to your phone when you get short messages, if you have configured that option.  Is having problems.

    We dont know when they will be working again. We hope in the next day or two.  But we have to allow then

    to fix the problem on their end.


    bill n andy


  • Feb 27

    Fixed the order of the photos when viewing their profile, their photo page and click on the large photo.  If the user is a supporting member, we use their set order they define, if its not defined then we sort from the newest photo to the oldest.  This is now consistant between the profile page and the view photos page.

  • Feb 19

    Palm Springs, California - Feb 14, 2010 - "From the Heart" Valentines Day charity event was held in Palm Springs at the Barracks bar.  BigMuscleBears.com and A Bear's Life Magazine donated time and energy to help raise $1,404.00 in donations. The total amount of donations was given to the Desert Aids Project. We would like to thank all that gave money and time to help this event be a success.


  • Feb 14

    Fixed a bug where Notifictaions for Supporting member continued long after the profile was set not active or no longer supported.  This has been fixed

  • Jan 24

    For Immediate Release

    Palm Springs, California - February 18, 2010 - In response to the earthquake in Haiti, an impromptu fundraiser was held at Hunters Nightclub, the evening of February 16, 2010. Stevo Harris: Owner of “A Bear’s Life “ magazine and Bill Sanderson: owner of BigMuscleBears.com website roamed the club with a donation basket. A total of $630.00 dollars collected from Hunters’ patronize. The $630.00 in donations was given to “Doctors Without Borders”. Stevo Harris and Bill Sanderson would like to thank Hunters Nightclub - Palm Springs management, staff and especially Hunters patronize for their generous giving.

    ### Contact: Bill Sanderson Tel: 415-868-4199 x22 Email: bsanderson@absoftware.com


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