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Whats New 2011
  • Dec 30

    Added Two features to the front page.  Scrolling EVENTS and Update button to the Bulletin Board if there is an update.  Click on WELCOME to see the changes.

  • Dec 24

    Happy Holiday

    We want to let you know we will be taking a day away
    from answering emails this December 25. We want to stop and enjoy the day.

    We will be checking in to make sure the web sites are running.

    If you can hold off emailing us on December 25, until December 26 that would be great.

    We wish everyone the best as we work into the Holiday season.


    HO HO HO

    If you have donated this year we thank you. But if you have not please, please click our link here:


    Your donations keep the site running

  • Dec 22

    Winner of our Santa Suit Photo Contest

    We put all the entries in the hat and did a random drawing from BigMuscle/BigMuscleBears/BigMuscleLeather.com, from all profiles that posted Self taken Santa photo.

    Winner is BMB Profile ShortBearyCut from Australia

    HO HO HO

  • Dec 18


    BigMuscleBears.com is now a media sponsor of BEARRACUDA.   We are glad to help promote BEARACUDA

    and Matt.

  • Dec 13

    Update the They Viewed Me and I Viewed Them support features.  The date is now selectable on the same page.  So change the date and click the button, no longer will there be a page swap.

  • Dec 10

    Updated the Android App to version 1.07 go to m.bigmuscle.com to get the updated version.

  • Dec 08

    Updated Video Pick

  • Dec 04

    Updated Video of Week


  • Dec 04

    Updated the Android Mobile app to fix a bug.  When sending a short msg, the screen would never return and if you pressed back and tried to send a different msg to somebody else the old msg would still be in the input field.  Version 1.06.1 fixes this bug.  http://m.bigmusclebears.com click on applications to get the new App for Android

  • Nov 23

    What monkey is yours?

    Updated video pick of the week


  • Nov 21

    MOBILE updated to version 1.06 both on HTML 5 and Android.  Fixes for delete photo and upgraded to jQueryMobile 1.0

  • Nov 20

    Do not forget to follow us BM & BMB on Twitter

  • Nov 11

    We added google+ brand page for BMB for our google+ users.  Will be updating it with like info from our Facebook and Twitter BMB feed

    Add us to your circle


  • Nov 04

    Update the HTML 5 version of BigMuslce Mobile. 

    • Added support for all other devices than Apple to upload photos
    • Update the jQueryMobile code
    • Fixed a bug on the Deleting of photos.
  • Oct 14

    We want to that Joe Pessa for taking pix at BigMuscle/BigMuscleBears Folsom Party.   Please enjoy his pixs


  • Oct 13

    Just updated Video of the week and sorry long delay


  • Oct 12

    My new album " Big Muscle 2.0 " is now on iTunes world wide. I need your help, as many of us in the music industry our labels went under and/or never paid us. So even if you have the original Big Muscle albums, guess what.... I never saw a penny.

    So I remixed the album, updated the mixes and released it on my own.

    I want to do a new album but I must sell 5,000 of this version to do so.

    If you enjoy my music and want more I need your support. Please go to iTunes and but " Big Muscle 2.0 " , it is $9.00 and I am on the cover in a jock strap as shown above. You cannot miss it.

    Join my fan page at www.djbillbennett.com to see where we are at on sales and other updates.

    Thank You!

    Bill Bennett

  • Oct 10

    Fixed a issue with search by STATE,  seems when I switched from 2 letter to full name there were cases where the search would only match one or the other.  So the full list would not show up.  I have since fixed it and it looks to be working correctly now.

  • Oct 05

    Updated our Mobile Application for Android and Apple to version 1.04

    Included is

    • a new MORE button to retrieve the rest of a users profile
    • Fixed a few minor bugs


  • Oct 05
  • Sep 19

    Mobile Web app v1.04 you can now enter a profile name or number on the search page.

  • Sep 16

    I have added a prompt on the SM Center code to ask you are you sure if you try to delete ALL of your messages.

  • Sep 15

    Real Bad Tickets Raffle from BigMuscle.com and BigMusclebears.com

    We have 2 Real Bad tickets we will be raffling off.  These are sponsor level tickets.

    To enter raffle

    Email bigmusclebears@bigmusclebears.com and in subject put RealBad Tix.
    2011 in body of email include your full name and cell telephone number.  So we can contact you if you win.  

    All email entries must be received by no later than 6pm PST, Sept 21, 2011,  


    1. You must be able to pickup tickets in San Francisco on Sept 24, 2011 between 1230pm and 3pm PST at the BigMuscle Party held at DNA Lounge San Francisco. (no travel or lodging cost is supplied in this raffle)

    2. Must be 21+ to win.

    3. No purchase required to enter raffle.

    4. If no winner claims tickets by Sept 24, 2011 at 3pm PST we will choose a random winner.

    5. one enter per-person, if you spam multiple entries, all your entries will be disqualified.

    6. Tickets cannot be traded for cash.

    7. Winner drawn will be notified by email and phone call on Thursday Sept 22, 2011 by 3pm PST. 

  • Sep 12

    Update the Mobile apps, both for Android and Apple. You can get the new versions at http://m.bigmusclebears.com

    Fixes the Short Msg Center not displaying returned or Notificaiton msg's correctly

  • Sep 11

    The BigMuscleBears.com Shop is back open by popular demand.  Get your BigMuscleBears.com logo wear now!


  • Sep 09

    Updated the

    • Photo Stats
    • Count History
    • Profile Photo Stats

    pages, some basic clean up and shrink the pages.  Same information, just a cleaner look.

  • Aug 19

    Made a mistake on the m.bigmusclebears.com page. The Android app text said it was version 1.02 but the underlying html was still pointing to version 1.01  This has been corrected you should reload the application to get the correct version.

  • Aug 15

    Updated both the HTML 5 iPhone app and the Android app to version 1.02

    • You can now create a profile from the device
    • fixed a bug where users had to log on all the time
    • fixed a bug where new messages were not flagged till you went to the My BM page
  • Aug 11

    Sorry for long delay...... my bad...

    Updated Video of the Week and Ask Dear Robbie letters Q&A.



  • Jul 29

    Update the ADD A NEW EVENT, The system now will automatically update both BigMuscle.com and BigMuscleBears.com for all events.  There is no need to list the events on all the sites anymore, we will handle that for you. EVENTS

  • Jul 23

    Video Chat with MAC LION OS

    One of BMB users Mike  said he was able to get flash working properly after LION upgrade.  I (BIll) have not installed LION yet due to one of my bankiing apps will not work until they ugprade the servers side.


    Try this for MAC LION OS Users to get BMB chat working:

    Users can go to system preferences in the apple menu or their dock. Make sure they have the latest flash installed. In system prefs there is a Flash preference pane, choose that. Then select the microphone and camera settings. Then, select manage website setting individually. One will see BMB as a website listed and one can set it to "always allow". Now the chat cam & mic work just fine. It's a decent work around. 
    you may have to reboot your Mac to have changes take affect.
    You results may vary since I cannot test this yet.  
  • Jul 22


    Apple LION OS have broken several Adobe products since Apple has changed the install process of several applications needed for Adobe products to work on Apple.

    1.  You will have to choose to install Java as part of your LION Upgrade for any program that needs Java ( it is not installed by defualt with LION).  

    2.  Our Video Chat Flash Player may not respond to click of mouse when you get the screen asking to allow access in our video chat.  Short term fix is press your tab button to move the focus to the close button.

    3. We have heard that Google Chrome browser on MAC work's around some of these problems with Video Chat

    Here is a link to Adobe website that speaks about Lion and how to work around some of the know issues with Adobe products.


    Sorry we did not break it... 

  • Jun 20

    Adding in Boxing to activities

  • May 01


    New Video from Dear Robbie

    4th Dear Robbie Show - "CHEATERS NEVER FLOURISH"

    Thanks for all of your incredible responses regarding my 1st, 2nd and 3rd "Dear Robbie Show." If you haven't seen them yet, please tune in. . .

    As I've listened to many of my viewers' commentaries, my 4th Show is more captivating and enlightening.

    Please help make "Dear Robbie" a BIG HIT by subscribing on the youtube.com website.

    Also, please become a fan of Facebook's DEAR ROBBIE Page to partake in upcoming contests and read my Love/Relationship Tips.

    And keep the questions coming at Robbie@DearRobbie.com.

    Remember, speak from your heart and be true to yourself.




  • Apr 17

    Update two issues on the SM Center code

    1. Added a sort order on the INBOX and the SENT messages,  So you can sort from oldest to newest or newest to oldest
    2. Default the cursor to the inputfield when sending a short message
    3. Fixed a bug where you could view an unread message from a user by replying or sending a new message.  The new message waiting for you could be read without the system indicating that it actually was read. This has been fixed
  • Apr 05

    Fixed two bugs in the SM Center code

    1. When viewing UNREAD messages if you click on the profile name, you were directed to your own profile.  This has been fixed
    2. On some users the page would hang on "Updating..." or "Refreshing..." and never return, this has been fixed.


  • Apr 03

    Fixed a bug in the SM Center code where if you sent or received a message from a profile that has since been deleted, it would hang on the screen saying UPDATING... this has been fixed.

  • Mar 24

    Updated the PROFILE page and the PHOTOS page to use the new popup send msg code, like on the SM_Center page. Now you can send a longer (2 messages) message to a profile without having to do it in multiple steps.

  • Feb 28

    Added in the new Short Msg Center code.

  • Feb 28

    All new video Dear Robbie.


  • Feb 21

    Udpated Video of the Week  Sorry it has been late.  


    Updated news about Dear Robbie going to a video feed in the next week or two stay tuned....



  • Jan 21

    Updated the page that shows all the photos of a profile.  It should be quicker and no longer have that annoying popup if you right click on it.


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