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Whats New 2012
  • Dec 27

     Fixed a bug for MAC for adding photos with ':' in their file name.  This has been fixed

  • Dec 22

     Updated to the latest version of the FineUploader file uploader.  I think this should fix the bug that Apple has in its browser.

  • Sep 27

    Added more auto refresh data (APE server) on the front page.  Shows the profiles that are logging on.

  • Aug 01

    Rolled out the changes for the *new* PHOTO CENTER , also set the old links to use the new tabs and features.  I did leave the old version of add photo on-line for the other outstanding bugs that nobody reported.


  • Jul 31

    As of today, emails on the profiles can only be viewed if the person requesting is an ADMIRER or PROFILE member and is currently logged into their account.  Too many email harvesters out on the network,.  Sorry for this change.

  • Jul 28

     We are sorry to discontinue Dear Robbie column.  As more come available we will post them in the future.  We want to thank Dear Robbie for his advice.

  • Jul 03

    Fixed a bug in the Password of logging on.  If you used the '' character in your password, you could change to it but once you did, you couldn't ever log on again.  This has been fixed.

  • Jul 02

    For those of you that use the HEY feature,  I have updated it to be a popup on the profile page, so no more going to a new page, its all done right on the profile page.  You may need to refresh the PROFILE page to reload all the scripts.

  • Jun 26

    Updated the EVENTS page. When viewing a single event, the full description will be displayed, if you scroll to the next list (eg: 1-10, 10-20...) when on any other page other than the first page. The full description will be hidden so you don't have to keep scrolling to the bottom of the page to view who's going.

  • Jun 01

    Update the MOBILE code for people NOT docking the application and just using the HTML pages.  If you left it on the SM Center page it would sometimes not show the correct profile when you came back.  This has been corrected in version 1.12 of the HTML 5 Mobile WEB APP

  • May 14

    Update the mobile HTML 5 code to version 1.10, This fixes the scroll bug where on an iDevice it would consider it a swipe if you didn't scroll the page exactly up and down.  Undock the app from the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch device and open safari and reload the app and re-dock it.  Sorry Apple makes you do that.

  • Apr 21

    We thank Joe Pessa for providing photos of Desert Tea on WP Weekend.  The BIgMuscle.com Sponsored event

    Pictures from the Desert Tea, at the Saguaro in Palm Springs, are now up



  • Apr 07

    Desert Tea - Sponosored by BigMuscle.com Palm Springs 04/07/2012


  • Mar 05

    BigMuscleBears.com is sponosoring BEARRACUDA Chicago April 7th 




  • Feb 29

    We lowered the price to feature yourself on the from page from $25 to $10, you can find that option on the MY BIGMUSLCE page under the Extra Features -> Featured for a day link

  • Feb 28

     New Dear Robbie is updated


  • Feb 14

    We Welcome Back Dear Robbie

     On Valentines Day we welcome back Dear Robbie with new Q&A and video responces.  Robbie will be updated several times a month now.



  • Feb 14

    We Welcome Back Dear Robbie

     On Valentines Day we welcome back Dear Robbie with new Q&A and video responces.  Robbie will be updated several times a month now.



  • Feb 07

    Updated Vidoe of Week


  • Jan 03

    Added a few more enhancements to the front page.

    1. You can update the 7 Featured profiles, without having to update the whole page
    2. You can update the ON LINE profile list every 15 seconds or so
    3. The Short Msg box will get checked when updating the Feature or the On-Line profiles, if there is a new message for you it will highlite.

    Thats about it for the front page update, will be starting back on the MOBILE app's if you have suggestions, please email them to us use the FEEDBACK page on the site.

    Thanks and again Happy New Year

  • Jan 01

    Happy New Year!


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