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Whats New 2013
  • Sep 16

     Fixed a small bug in the Profile page that caused users to not be able to send short messages.

  • Aug 01

    We added a  NewsLetter Sign up linnk to the main Navigation  Bar

    When you sign up for our newsletter via our subscrive link and complete the opt-in process email you all set.   You may unsbscribe at any time.  We plant to send out info about Event and News to the BigMuscleBears.com Community.  



  • Jul 09

    Glad we could be part of Frameline San Francisco Intl. LGBT Film Festival 



  • May 30

     Checkout our new BigMuscleBears 3.0 Logo Wear.

    Order from


  • Apr 10

      Fixed a bug, if you tried to blank out your travel location, you could not save your profile

  • Mar 25

      Added in a # of 2 indicator on the Send Short msg on both the profile and the SM Center pages.  We still need to work on the online-update page and the Mobile pages.

  • Feb 27

      Updated the Video External code to accept http://youtu.be/... type links

  • Feb 26

      Fixed a bug where I had Mississippi spelled wrong.  So now searching on state of MS will find all the guys in Mississippi

  • Feb 21

     Add a new Blog for BigMuscleBears.com   Bear News for when your not looking at  Profiles.




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