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  • 2002 - Dec 31 - Last change of the YEAR Added I LIKE and THEY LIKE to the Profile LIst, the top 100 I LIKE and 100 Today list for supporting memembers
  • 2002 - Dec -22 - Enlarged comment edit field to make editing your profile comments eaiser. Updated comment field requirements for your profile.
  • 2002 - Dec - 19 - Added logo banner to Contact page for you to link to BMB.
  • 2002 - Dec 17 - Modified the I LIKE and THEY LIKE me list to be able to sort by the date the I LIKE was added. This is for supporting members only.
  • 2002 - Dec 16 - Fixed the Final bug on the I LIKE list. So the Top 100 I LIKE count matches the WHO LIKES ME count on the My BigMuscle page. It now only counts profiles that clicked I LIKE on your profile and that are currently ACTIVE. The NOT ACTIVE or LOCKED OUT profiles are no longer counted.
  • 2002 - Dec 15 - Fixed Bug on WhoLikeMe and I Like Delete pages where if you went into a profile and click the back to list button it would return you to the front page
    Removed profiles that were NOT active from the I LIKE lists
    Added more info on the Select Profile Photo and DELETE photo pages
    Added some upfront code for telling you who looked at your profile today and yesterday.
  • 2002 - Dec 13 - Added who's my buddy to show who has you linked as their buddy.
  • 2002 - Dec 6 - Added both TO and FROM profile ID on the E-Mail link on the profile page
  • 2002 - Dec 4 - Added DateAdded to the I LIKE delete list, and allow to sort by date added or by User ID name.
    Show if that person likes you on the profile page.
  • 2002 - Dec 2 - Added City/State/Country to profile list
    - Added Comma's to counts on profile page
    - Added JUMP to on search page
    - Show if you already have the profile on your I LIKE list on the Proifle page
    - Update the I LIKE/THEY LIKE list for people who support the site
  • 2002 - Nov 26 - Fixed the My Support page to show the real support.
  • 2002 - Nov 24 - Fixed the sorting of Away Messages, Added Away Today page for people who support/donate to the site. Fixed the Password Login problem where upper and lower case mattered in some places and not others
    Added My Support history page
  • 2002 - Nov 11 - Fixed email subject link on profile page to say "Saw you on BigMuscleBears.com", when sending email from this link.
  • 2002 - Nov 10 - Changed Support page title to Donate and reformatted page content to make donating easier/less confusing.
  • 2002 - Oct 21 - Fixed the size of the E-Mail field when using the search field.
  • 2002 - Oct 20 - Added a new feature for people to change their E-Mail address themselves. I was doing about 20 a day, so now you can change your e-mail address as you like.
  • 2002 - Oct 11 - Fixed the New Account bug so it should work correctly now, before it would say the account was taken yet still create it for you. Sorry about that
  • 2002 - Oct 9 - Added search by weight range. Now you can find the guys from xx who are between 200-220 lbs.
    -Also added a button to sort by OLD to NEW or NEW to OLD when searching. It will use the profile number for when the account was created.
    - Added GOTO Row # on the main profile list, So if you sort by Member number and leave off at 2100 to 2108 of ##### you can now jump back to row 2100 and start back - Yeah Ha!
  • 2002 - September - 16 - Added Warning popup when users right click images to not copy image from site.
  • 2002 - Aug - 30 Updated Terms of Usage statements, added Spam/Viruses.
  • 2002 - Aug - 23 - Updated many items on site to match bigmuscle.com funtions
    Photo view is now in left frame so you don't have to hop back and forth.

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