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  • 2003 Dec 12 - Added www.alexa.com traffic link to About page.
  • 2003 Dec 12- Added login link to several pages left border to help new people, find the login page easier.
  • 2003 Dec 8 - Added a new better load balancing server to manage the servers which deliver the small, medium and large photos. This will speed up the images and allow us to add more servers in the future on the fly as sites continues to grow.
  • 2003 Nov 15 - Added a new server to speed up the small thumbnail images. More server changes in the works to speed things up even more.
  • 2003 Oct 6 - Changed the sort order on a couple of pages and made the sorting of the lists easier. You now have the ascending / descending link to reverse the order with out have to click the titles twice
  • 2003 Sept 18 - Fix database problem. Photos and updates were not showing up.
  • 2003 Sept 18 - Changed 'contact' to 'contact us' on left margin. So new users wouldn't think this was a link to contact a users profile.
  • 2003 Sep 11 - Added a counter on your profile to show you how many times your profile has been shown on the front page.
  • 2003 Sep 9 - Added a button for the supporting members to report a profile as a fake. Its on the profile page down on the Photo Stats line.
  • 2003 Sep 9 - Updated FAQ page.
  • 2003 Sep 8 - Updated Donate Page.
  • 2003 Sep 8 - Updated Privacy and Terms of Usage.
  • 2003 Sep 8 - Added ISPQ to IM type list.
  • 2003 Sep 7 - Added in a way to search by your I LIKE list. It is only for supporting members, but you can now search an area for guys that are in your I LIKE/THEY LIKE lists. Planning a trip, you can see who likes you before you go.
  • 2003 Sep 5 - Schedule a Bear Chat hour every night from 7 pm to 8 pm EST. Other time are being planned for other parts of the planet. See how this one goes.
  • 2003 Aug 31 - Added a drill down feature of short messages for SUPPORT members only. This way you can see the to & from messages for a single user
  • 2003 Aug 30 - Added Folsom Street Fair Weekend Event Page
  • 2003 Aug 12 - Profile # 8910 or higher will not be able to mark their e-mail as private unless they are a supporter of the site. It was done to keep the fake profiles down.
  • 2003 Aug 11 - Removed BMI and Gym questions from new profile questionaire.
  • 2003 Aug 9 - Added Phone Chat FAQ page.
  • 2003 Aug 6 - Fixed a bug in profile update. (Andy was bad, he is sorry and Bill's making him stand in the corner for 30 minutes for breaking the code) A software change broke the profile update code. So you couldn't update your profile for a few hours today. Profile updates are working correctly now.
  • 2003 Aug 3 - Removed the use of the <SCRIPT> Tag from the Notes section on your proifle. Its not so much the use of the tag as it was people were linking in an advertising site to their page, I've had to many complaints about the music and it locking up their browsers.
  • 2003 Aug 2 - Added a profile counter history, It started Aug 1 so there isn't much history right now.
  • 2003 Aug 1 - Added to FAQ's: how to delete profile and what to do about broken images.
  • 2003 Jul 31 - Removed the server changes to limit who could use the servers. Seem some people with Firewall software couldn't see the photos on the site
    I think we fixed the AOL indicator software for who's on line
  • 2003 Jul 30 - Changed visited link color to make it easier to tell what profile link you had visited. 
  • 2003 Jul 29 - Chat feature added. We have added a chat feature you will find if: you are login into your profile and have your profile set to active.  Go to either User Profile or Profile List pages and you will find a new button on left column "General Chat" (if you are not login and set to inactive chat button will not display).  Our Chat provider Operator9 also allows you to anonymously request a call to another chatter from any phone or cellphone. Both send and receive phone numbers are never display to either party. Please read Operator9 phone chat terms and costs. Only the calling party pays for the call. It's free to accept a phone call from Opertor9 Voice Chat.
  • 2003 Jul 29 - Fixed some login code that was not updated. So login should work properly now. You may need to logout then login in to your profile.
  • 2003 Jul 28 - Added the last 3 short messages you sent to a user when sending or replying to a short message
    - Updated the Terms of Usage page to correct the INDENTED mispelling to INTENDED
  • 2003 July 28 - Fixed email subject line when clicking email address to read saw you on bigmusclebears.com
  • 2003 July 25 - Updated site design and code base. New features Events, Feature Profile of the Day, points for pals, new look all around.
  • 2003 July 08 - Added a second image server to split photos shown in profiles. Another enhancement to speed up photo viewing.
  • 2003 July 08 - Added new dual xeon cpu server as our "write" database server for all write request to system. So we have split read and write processes. This should speed things up nicely on file uploads and profile changes. Also help resolve some small photos not showing up.
  • 2003 Jun 23 - Made more system adjustment to speed up system responce time under load. Will be adding another server in the next few days to complete upgrades for this moment.
  • 2003 Jun 19 -Corrected text on Options Page read, ...Top 10... should
    have read, ...
    Day 100 page hit list.
  • 2003 June 10 - Added new dual xeon cpu server to run search and host medium user profile photo. This is a first step in bringing sites page load speeds back up to an acceptable level. Page loads had become slow due to more users.
  • 2003 June 7 - Added the In Print page for press coverage of BigMusclebears.com.
  • 2003 June 6 - Search feature has been fixed. Many users reported search results reverting back to full profile listing after viewing only a few pages of search results. . 
  • 2003 June 5 - Updated Terms of Usage -caution about linking back to your profile from other sites.
  • 2003 May 29 - Updated Donate page and added Customer Service Page.
  • 2003 May 26 - Added the code to return SM's not read to the sender and to delete read messages after 45 days.
  • 2003 May 23 - Added color codes to the REMOVE I LIKE page. This way you can tell if a profile has be locked out by us, or if the user just decided to take their profile off line and set it not active.
  • 2003 May 7 - Added a counter field for the Short Message function so you know when you are close to the limit of characters.
  • 2003 - Apr 27 - Modified yet again the Short Message code. The links are now more consistant with the rest of the site. So if you click the user name you will see their profile, if you click the photo you will see the large photo, and if you click REPLY you can reply to the short message
  • 2003 - Apr 24 - Well we hit the wall today and used up all the bandwidth for the Main HTML server. So we scrambled and moved it to a new server. Things should be a bit quicker for the short time until more people find out about us.
  • 2003 - Apr 18 - Added support for Photo Captions. The guys that support the site can add captions to their photos.
  • Updated process to automatically update profile when you donate via Online Payment Company.
  • 2003 Apr 14 - Added support to view UNREAD messages, so you can delete them if you hit your limit of 10.
  • 2003 Apr 10 - Added new feature of Short Message from profile to profile. Guys that support the site can have 250 pending messages to be read, others only 10
    Also fixed the bug on the JUMP field that if you had a space after the number or name it would not find the profile or say the profile was not active.
  • 2003 Apr 7 - Added a new link to remove your I LIKE from a profile. NO longer do you need to go to the Remove I LIKE page to do the dirty work.
  • 2003 Mar 20 - Added a return to LIST button on the view photos page to get you back quicker.
  • 2003 Mar 19 - Updated " Terms of Usage ".
  • 2003 Mar 19 - Fix Photo search feature which was not working.
  • 2003 Mar 1 - Added a Warning to the people who add more than 20% of the profiles to their I LIKE list. Lets be real, You can't like more than 20% of the profiles.
  • 2003 Feb 27 - Added Metric Profile list display on all the list. Still working on Metric Search, give me some time on that one!
  • 2003 Feb 25 - Added METRIC EDIT of the profile data, Still working on the display of Metric in the list and profile page. but at least you can edit your profile in Metric
  • 2003 Feb 19 - Added the Date and time somebody added you to their I LIKE list
  • 2003 Feb 16 - Updated the SEARCH to use sessions and remember what the last search was and allow you to use the Back to List and Back to Profile buttons on the page.
    - And removed the IBR information since its all done.
  • 2003 Feb 11 - Added a place for ZIP & Postal code in your profile. ONLY becasue it was suggested using the first 3 numbers can get you down to a section of the state/city for searching purposes. will be adding this to search feature in a few days.
  • 2003 Feb 9 - Updated Sweat Party info and Speical Door Ticket
  • 2003 Feb 5 - Fixed the bear paw image for donated members to link to the proper page where shown. It is clickable, but was pointed to an old page not longer on the site, giving a broken page.
    Added some more code to stop people from copying photos from the site - You need to contact the owner for photos
  • 2003 Feb 4 - We moved the medium and large size photos to another server. This has finished our planned server upgrades for the moment.
  • 2003 Feb 3 - Added enhanced IM code to allow for EVERY Instant Messenger there is out there. If your favorite is not in the list let us know we can now add it.
  • 2003 - Feb 2 - Added Profile name and Number to Get Photos page to show you who you are looking at.
  • 2003 - Feb 1 - Fixed a problem with profile logout process. Should now be functional to logout users from their profiles.
  • 2003 - Jan 31 - Fix the 'Random 10' page, was not updating after move to new server.
  • 2003 - Jan - 31 - Finished move of www.bigmusclebears to new faster server. This is part one of a two part process. Later next weekend, we will be installing a new photos server. This is to better handle larger traffic on the site as it is growing.
  • 2003 - Jan 27 - Removed locked out, or not active profiles from the profile I LIKE list on the Profile page.
    Added search by # on the search page
  • 2003 - Jan 13 - BIG CHANGE today. Added an extra click to get an e-mail address. This is because ROBOT scrubbers were grabbing e-mail addresses from the site and sending SPAM. This is just a little something to stop the automatic capture of e-mail addresses
  • 2003 - Jan 11 - cleaned up the SELECT profile photo pic page
  • 2003 - Jan 10 - Rearranged BigMusclebears.com Home Page
  • 2003 - Jan 7 - Updated the AWAY feature for those that support the site, added City/State/Country and sorting by those.
  • 2003 - Jan 6 - Updated "Terms of Usage"
  • 2003 - Jan 6 - Per users request added a Yahoo Discussion group. Direct Link to Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bigmusclebears/
  • 2003 - Jan 5 - Added an Option on the OPTIONS page to turn off the Auto convert of Enter/CR characters to HTML <BR> for those that know how to use HTML The default is ON so you need to edit your OPTIONS to turn it off.
  • 2003 - Jan 3 - Added logic to convert Enter/CR characters to <BR> HTML commands in the Edit Notes Section of the edit profile page

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