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  • Dec 25 - Added option to allow donating users to change their profile display name. You can change it up to 3 times a month.
  • Dec 10 - Updated In Print page with letter from MHRA
  • Dec 07 - AOL users: If you are having slowness or pages will not load issues. You need to run the AOL Browser fixup program. Go to AOL Keyword:
    "AOL Computer Checkup"
    Once "AOL Computer Checkup" menu opens; choose the "Fix Browser Problems" option by clicking the wrench. Follow the instructions. If you have problems running this program you will need to call AOL Customer Support.
    The AOL users reported to us this fixed the slow or no page load problems for them.
  • Dec 06 - Modified the login process to fix the users who have been saying the site will not remember their login after they close the browser windows.
  • Oct 26 - Fixed a bug with open HTML Tags where it would cause you not to be able to edit your profile.
    Fixed the Calendars to work with FireFox the great new browser
  • Oct 18 - Removed 2Speak functions from profile page. Not enough people using it. Will be looking to add a different phone option in the near future.
  • Sep 15 - From time to time we are approached by adult producers and photographers. We really didn't have a way to give a list to these companies. So we have added a question on the the Profile page that will let us know if you are interested or not. This information will be kept private and will not show up on your profile. If you say YES, then when these producers ask us if anybody is interested we can give them the current list from the site. The default for everybody is NO, it's only if you set it to YES will they be given your information
  • Sept 11 - Added in Private Parts. This is a way for supporting members to keep notes associated to a profile on that profile for your own use. So if member ### gives you his phone number in a short message, you can save that information in your private parts section of their profile. Only you can look at the private parts from their profile or from a list page on the My BigMuscle page.
  • Sept 11 - Added new short message "Notice" administrative feature so we can send a short message to you. This will be only for special notices: systems related or an event BMB is taking part. You can delete the "Notice" message once you have read it. The reply option for these messages has been removed.
  • Sept 04 - Updated 21, Terms of Usage, Privacy and Contact pages.
  • Sept 04 - Updated ICRA lablels.
  • Aug 30 - Added a wireless access page so users with color screen and browser enabled cellphone/pda can look at profiles on the road. We do caution you that with hundreds of cellphone/pda units available and all having different web access services. We can't guarantee your cellphone/pda will work. We have only tested the wireless pages on a new Nokia 6600 cellphone. Your results will vary. The newer your cellphone/pda and browser software on the device, the better your results will be. http://www.bigmusclebears.com/wired.html
    As always use your cellphone/pda when it is safe to do so.
  • Aug 29 - Made minor changes to login process. Our on going effort to improve the login and cookies. If you are having login problem, try clicking the logout button twice, then retry logging in again.
  • Aug 25 - Added Odyssey to In Print Articles Page. Bigmusclebears hosted the opening night party and the Dance at Loft 11 during Hairrison Street Fair event. See you there next year!!!!
  • Aug 5 - Added in a YOU VIEWED flag on the Who Likes Me page. If you view their profile from that page, a flag gets set so you know you viewed them. You can NOT reset the flag once its set. You can only CLEAR all the flags if you want.
  • Aug 5 - Made the profile BUDDY link consistent with the rest of the site. You click on the photo to view the photo and click on the buddy link name to view the whole profile.
  • Jul 28 - Add G.Men to In Print Articles page
  • Jul 23 - Added support for up to 24 photos on a profile if you are a supporting member or 18 if you are not. Also changed the way add photo works a little, Microsoft IE had a problem when trying to post to many photos in a row, so we not cause it to refresh the add photo page to get rid of that bug.
  • July 8 - Added Mail2Speak service to allow users to try service. All charges and service functional questions should be sent to info@mail2speak. Vendors is giving 5 free tries for BMB members.
  • July 3 - Added a new page "Your Health". This page is a public service to help visitors and users of our site find health information and resources.
  • Jun 25 - Added in a Away Where list for the supporting members. So you can look up by city/town to see who will be there over the next year.
    Changed Credit Card Processing Company for points and donation servicing. We switched to ccBill due to our previous processing Merchant company has stopped working with all adult content web sites.
  • Jun 24 - Modified the code so the day you bought a Featured Profile, you can select a different photo if you like.
  • Jun 18 - Add ccBill as a form of payment, also added where you can now just buy points and then when you want the yearly features go into the Features side and donate to get your paw!
  • Jun 15 - Updated Terms of Usage.
  • Jun 13 - Made some fixes to the site around 9:30 pm PDT. The photo upload and photo delete were not working correctly for most of the day. The fixes just added should correct these problems.
  • Jun 12 - Added 3 new servers and load balanced the site. So now the site should be back up to speed. thanks for waiting.....
  • May 3 - Added in a Metric/US Customary conversion link on the Profile Page.
  • Apr 26 - Removed the Graphic navigation bar and made it a text only, It should look the same but be way faster.
  • Apr 23 - Moved around things on the My BigMuscle page and added a link to Remove a Pal
  • Apr 21- Updated Customer Service contact information.
  • Apr 10 - Made some big changes to the Top I LIKE list. You can now see the top 1000 I LIKE profiles. Also you can now view the TOP I LIKE profiles by age and height. Have fun!.
  • Apr 4 - Added METRIC conversion on the Height Stats status page.
    Also for you SUPPORTERS. You can now review who you looked at the last 10 days, I know as we get older we tend to forget. Not to worry you can review who you looked at too.
  • Mac 26 - Added a new Height Stats under the Profile List/Other Lists to view the stats of the whole site by height and you can drill down and see other stats. Its just for fun so enjoy.
  • Mar 10 #B - Added I LIKE and THEY LIKE to the profile page when viewing the profiles I LIKE list. This way you can see what the cross reference is between that profile and you.
  • Mar 10 - Yet again fixed the They Viewed Me support feature. Seems if they viewed your profile in the last 10 days it would not add a new record today. So now each day is looked at as a new day and should add a record for each day the profile looks at your profile.
  • Feb 22 - Made some big modifications to the ADDPHOTO program so now you should be able to upload those 3Meg photo files and we should be able to shrink them down to size and not crash or screw up. If you have any problems with ADD PHOTO please let us know.
  • Feb 11 - Fixed the WRAP problem with URLS/Web address when editing your profile. They should wrap correctly when using a MAC
  • Feb 8 - Added the HEY feature. Where you send send short messages to 5 of your HEY friends to point out a profile to them. 
    Also changed the support feature of They Viewed Me to show the list for TODAY and let you change to a different day after.
  • Feb 7 - Updated Terms of Usage, new minimum 3 photo requirement to maintain an active profile and Unacceptable Photos.
    Added in the Splash page to make the site more "adult" friendly
  • Jan 28 - Updated events calendar to allow events to span a month timeframe. So if your event is Jan 31 thru Feb 2. The event will show up in both Jan and Feb.
  • Jan 24 - Fixed a database problem which stopped updates to photos and profiles from posting in the past several hours. Things should be back in sync by 4 pm PST.
  • Jan 22 - Change BigMusclebears customer service telephone number, new number is 415 334 7815
  • Jan 17 - Added a last accessed field to the profile. And think I fixed the number reset problem.
  • Jan 15 - Added a new support feature of being able to view who viewed you for 10 days. So if you are gone a few days you can always go back and see who stopped by.
  • Jan 9 - Added a new counter to the front page to show the total number of people viewing the site along with the members.
    Added a notice to the front page where we will be adding a SPLASH page to the site to conform to suggestions by the adult industry
  • Jan 3 - Added username and profile # to top of browser window title bar when in a user's profile.

  • Jan 3 - We normally do not pre-announce system updates. But since the system is getting slow when under high usage. We plan to add more servers to the site next weekend to better handle the load.  Thing should be speedy again after 1/11/03. We hear you..... 
  • Jan 1 - Happy New Year by the way.

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