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  • Dec 15 - Changed the FIND SHORT MESSAGE feature to find all the old past messages. Even after they have been deleted.
  • Dec 12 - Added VIEW PROFILE from the Get single photo page. So you can go directly to the profile.
    Changed the Reply to screen in the short message system to work the same way as the rest of the site. If you click on the photo you see the photo if you click the name you see the profile.
  • Nov 10 - Added in SMS support. You can have your Short Messages from the system forwarded to your Mobile Phone - well the first 140 characters of it. There is an added cost of 0.10 points per message. Or you can get a STATUS type message e-mailed to you for Free, These are messages that are once a day and will tell you how many new messages are waiting for you. These functions are only for Supporting members and will be found on the FEATURES page.
  • Nov 9 - Updated "In Print" with Step Study letter
  • Nov 4 - Sorry my fault (bill) in getting these uploaded:
    BigMuscle Video Release Party Part1 and Part2
  • Sep 28 - All I can say is that I was at Lunch yesterday and some friends who will be named (Hi Will & Steve) were joking with us and said wouldn't it be cool if you click I LIKE on a profile and then offered up some other profiles, kind of like some other web companies. Well its been done, when you click I LIKE on a profile I will look at others who also like that profile and pic 4 of the top I LIKE people from the list and display them. THIS IS FOR FUN. Nothing more.
  • Sep 14 - Changed the I FORGOT page to include the LOCKOUT reason if your profile has been locked out.
  • Aug 23 - Upgraded our main database server to speed the site backup. Doubled the processors and memory.
  • Aug 16 - Added the PICK location to the AWAY and ADD EVENTS pages
    - Increased the Away page from 10 to 24 away events.
    - Cleaned up Navigation to all the same on all the pages
    - Added in background colors for profiles
    - Added Next and Previous profiles when viewing a profile from the list
    - Added FUN STUFF page for all the odd stuff and place holder stuff
  • Aug 2 - See photos of Bigmusclebears.com Ice Cream social at Lazy Bear Weekend 2005.
  • Aug 2 - Added another new web server to our server farm to keep the system speed up for viewing profiles.
  • Jul 24 - Added in the new X or G rating to adding photos.
  • July 11 -Rocknrollsoul won our iPod give away for recording his voice profile.
  • Jun 30 - Added new Event link, so you can cut and paste html code into your web page to link to any event on our calendar. Check out bottom of any event listing
  • Jun 30 - Fixed Certify Video sample page.
  • Jun 16 - Added the ACTIVE or OFF-LINE status to the My BigMuscle page. You can click on the ACTIVE or OFF-LINE text to toggle the flag.
  • June 8 - Updated terms of Photo Upload as Sexual Act Photos.
  • June 8 - Become member of ASACP
  • May 24 - Updated Terms of Use for Site Advertisers statement.
  • May 18 - Added another picture server to speed up photo display.
  • May 14 - Win a iPod Shuffle by recording your voice profile.
  • Apr 13 - Added in new code to remove old profiles that have not been accessed in 6 months or more. It deleted about 3000 profiles, so not to worry why your I LIKE counts went down.
  • Mar 28 - Andy was BAD and published some code that broke the login function for a few days - It was Easter and I was on a chocolate high. Though around 8pm PST monday night I did fix it and publish the changes. All should be ok now. Send your 'comments' to Profile #2 - Me :-)
  • Mar 25 - Added a reminder on the My BigMuscle page when your support status is less than 15 day before it expires.
  • Feb 26 - Added a London, England local number for I Speak voice recording.
  • Feb 17 - Updated the Events calendar to a new look and we hope to make it easier for you. There is also a printer friendly version for you to print the calendar.
  • Feb 13 - Added a Partner Field on the profile edit page. If each partner points to their partner's profile, then when their profile is displayed it will display their partners information, along with their own information.. 
  • Feb 12 - We added real time health news feed to our Health Page.
  • Feb 11 - We have a friend Troy helping us out, answering e-mails and checking profiles. So if you see a message from Troy, he is helping us out. If you still want to talk to Bill or Andy, just ask that the message be directed to one of us.
  • Feb. 4 - Added another server to the BMB website server group. This was to help speed the site backup due to growing demand of site visitors.
  • Jan 30 - Added Who is Chatting photo view to My Bigmuscle page and chat window.
  • Jan 30 - Updated Terms of Usage statement
  • Jan 29 - Added CHAT for our members. Now on the My BigMuscle page
  • Jan 25 - Removed translation with Google language translation to site homepage until we can fix some code error is was making..
  • Jan 24 - You now have the option to make it easier for others to
    e-mail you by setting your OPTIONS to allow a one click of your e-mail address to auto fill in the e-mail address into the persons e-mail program. Since we changed the system to only show graphics, we figured we would give the options to those that don't care about spammers or e-mail harvesters.
  • Jan 21 - Added search field to Search for profiles with Voice recordings.
  • Jan 20 -Removed the E-Mail address from the HTML 'mailto' format. Spammers and E-mail harvesters found a way to get the e-mail displayed as text from the pages, so we were forced to generate the profile e-mail address as a graphic.
  • Jan 20 - Added a logout button to main homepage.
  • Jan 17 - Added a new Voice Record feature for supporting members. You will find it on the Extra Functions section on the My BigMuscle page. The 800 number is not working from the San Francisco area but should be ok across the rest of the US and Canada.
  • Jan 2 - Swapped the locations of Extra functions "I Like Them" and "They Viewed Me" to match bigmuscle.com. Make it more consistent between sites for this menu.
  • Jan 1 - Happy New Year by the way.

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