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  • Dec 30 - Added in a screen to prompt for age consent when viewing pages with photos. If you are a logged in member you should not see the page. If you are not logged in you will be redirected to the page ask for you to acknowledge that you are 21 or older.
  • Nov 30 - Added in Google Map view, you can view profiles by country, state and city depending on how you zoom the view on the map. The standard link will be off of the OTHER LISTS page.
  • Nov 16 - Created an On-line feedback form for those where the e-mail doesn't go though.
  • Nov 6 - Updated Site Adult Labels using rtalabel.org. To stop minors from viewing our web site.
  • Sept 11 - Updated In Print - VicBears Thank you
  • Aug 19 - Terms of Use Updated
  • Aug 16 - Terms of Use Updated
  • Jul 28 - New law that may affect nude photos display on USA web sites click here to read more.
  • Jul 27 - Added an option for Profile owners to COPY their own photos from their profile.
  • Jul 13 - Added in an option to view the short messages you have sent.
  • May 30 - Back from IML what a great time met many of you guys. Added a new function for the supporting members to order their photos. So instead of last in first displayed, you can set your own order. PHOTO ORDER
  • May 17 - Updated the profile page, some will hate it others will like it. Added in options to control your profile page, added in BLOG feature for the supporting member, added in color changes to adjust your profile colors.
  • May 15 - Update Add Photo page to remind users only you can be nude in photos you upload. No other person can be visible in the photo, when you are nude in photo. You may only upload nude photos of yourself to your profile.
  • Apr 10 - Updated Terms of Use and Privacy statements
  • Apr 8 - Added new RSS Feed. Updates you via RSS when a user has added new photos or updated the comment section of his profile. Look for RSS logo in User Profile.
  • Apr 6 - Switched our SMS company, since the old one couldn't deliver to T-Mobile and said they were having problems with other Cell companies also. Until further notice we will not be charging for SMS messages we send. Check with your provider if they will charge you for receiving them.
  • March 17 - Added pop-ups on the front page, so when you mouse over the featured or on-line photos you see a few more stats on the profiles, before clicking to view the profile.
  • March 14 - Updated In Print page and added New York University School of Medicine thank you letter.
  • March 5 - Updated Fun Stuff page and added new BBM In Print article
  • March 3 - Added photos from IBR Weekend BMB Meet and Greet at 440 Casto Bar in San Francisco. Event was Feb 18, 2006
  • Jan 30 - Updated Terms of Use and added Chelsea Boy's Comics
  • Jan 27 - Updated Fun Stuff page and added new In Print article
  • Jan 21 - Why Bigmuscle.com was not reachable. Bill (me) while edited a DNS record for another domain we own, by mistake repointed the main bigmuscle.com domain to no where and save the file. While this mistake is easy to fix by editing the file again, once I saw it, the damage was done. It takes 12 to 36 hours for DNS domain fixed to replicate back out to all servers and ISP (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Cable users, etc etc) on the internet. DNS is the addressing system used by computers on the Internet to translate domain names such as bigmuscle.com into computer ip number addresses. Sorry guys, I will be more careful next time.
  • Jan 19 - Added Pal Order page, If you bought PALS for your profile, you can now select which order they are displayed in. Thanks Marcus
  • Jan 1 - 2006 Happy New Year from Bill and Andy.

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